2015 Ford C-Max

2015 Ford C-Max

All of the benefits of a hybrid without the compromise.

Gas prices are low right now, but history tells us that they won’t stay that way forever. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are a great long term bet because they protect you from wild fluctuations in the oil and gas markets. Plus, they’re better for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and helping to pave the way to a more sustainable energy future.

A long-time resident of Europe, Ford’s C-MAX line has only been state-side for a couple of years. Available in two varieties, this car will make you re-think the meaning of the word “hybrid” and the superstitions that come with it. Much like the newer Focus and Fusion models, the C-MAX features the same aggressive-looking exterior design, immediately setting it apart from the rest of the competition, such as Toyota’s Prius.

Not only is it more attractive than your “typical” hybrid, but it also features a better driving experience than any car in it’s class. The C-MAX hybrid will boasts 188 HP drawn from its 2.0L gas engine and 1.4kWh Li-ion battery combination; plenty of power to get you up to speed in no-time. With the addition of the Li-ion battery onboard, the C-MAX has torque available at an instant. Comparing it to a regular gas-powered car, it’s like using an on/off switch instead of a hand-crank. There’s no waiting, just going. This car lets you zip around corners and down straights with a certain peppiness that is completely alien to someone who hasn’t driven one before.

Besides the C-MAX hybrid, Ford also produces the C-MAX Energi, which is the exact same body and interior design as the regular C-MAX, save for the fact that has a 7.6kWh Li-ion (instead of the 1.4kWh) battery that you can charge on any home outlet. No more stopping for gas on the way to work in the mornings because you had to rush home to make dinner the night before. All you have to do is plug your C-MAX Energi in when you get home and in the morning it’ll be fully-charged and ready to take you where you need to go. Assuming you aren’t a weird cross between a night-owl and an early-bird (An early-owl, perhaps? Or maybe a night-bird?), the 7-hour charging time shouldn’t pose any threat to your morning routine. That’s if you opt to use a 120v charging station. If you decide to go bigger and get the 240v, charging time is cut down to less than half that of the 120v: only 2.5 hours! To spare you the math, the 7.6kWh battery means you get about 620 miles when you utilize a full charge of electricity and full tank of gasoline. That’s a lot of road-trips right there.

Whether you fancy the hybrid or the plug-in, all C-MAX models come with a regenerative breaking system that recycles a good portion of the vehicle’s kinetic energy, which would usually be lost when the driver brakes, and uses it to slightly recharge the battery and assist the vehicle in accelerating. Items such as the fantastic MyFord Touch, premium sound systems, and even the parking assist technology featured in the Ford Escape are all available as options, also. So just because you’re driving a hybrid, don’t think you can’t do it in style. You have access to all of the fancy interior options available in most other Ford models as well as 52 whole cubic feet of cargo room, should you need it, all while getting an EPA-estimated 47mpg (100mpg if you’re riding in an Energi model).

For more details and technical specifications, visit Ford’s official Ford C-Max page or contact a Darling’s sales representatives at sales@darlings.com